The Hoover Dam’s Super Power

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The Hoover Dam has long been recognized as a modern marvel. Photographer Ansel Adams famously captured the dam’s magnificence in 1942. Since then countless artists have captured its image, and about 7 million visitors line up each year to snap a selfie or Instagram picture. The Federal Highway Administration even named Hoover Dam one of America’s Top 10 Construction Achievements of the 20th Century.

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Wildlife at the Hoover Dam: A Checklist

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When the Hoover Dam was constructed in the 1930s, the reservoir it created offered additional resources for the area’s natural wildlife. Already teeming with reptiles, fish, and other native critters, the vibrant Mojave Desert Ecosystem now had a stable freshwater source in Lake Mead. On your Black Canyon River Adventures rafting tour, you’ll get an up-close and personal look at the flourishing wildlife inside Black Canyon Gorge on the river side of Hoover Dam.   

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